Tattapani means “warm water”. This identity comes because of the existence of natural hot water springs on the banks of river Sutlej. If you want to experience the natural extravaganza then Tattapani is perfect place for you. You can experience a combination of cold and hot water, the base level ...

Sujanpur Tira

Sujanpur Tira which is also known as Sujanpur Tihra is situated on the bank of River Beas. The oldest police station of Himachal Pradesh is in Sujanpur Tira. Main beauty of this place is the green ground in the middle of the town which is surrounded with ancient old temples ...

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Khajjiar is a fabulous hill station in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh. It is a forest glade of great beauty, 6400 feet above sea level".

Kasauli | Himachal Tourism

Kasauli is a cantonment as well as town, situated in Solan district within the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Casinos In Goa

Starting a casino in Goa was controversial because as per the law live gambling in India is not permitted. In India it’s only the Goa Government which is supporting and allowing both live offshore casinos and electronic on land casinos. Goa government is approving new permits to casinos in Goa ...