Tattapani means “warm water”. This identity comes because of the existence of natural hot water springs on the banks of river Sutlej. If you want to experience the natural extravaganza then Tattapani is perfect place for you. You can experience a combination of cold and hot water, the base level of the river is hot.

Tattapani is 51 kms far from Shimla, it’s located on the Shimla – Mandi Highway. It is 665 mts above the sea level on the banks of River Sutlej. Tattapani spring has sulphur water and got great medicinal quality. People who are suffering from joint pains, fatigue or any type of skin disease get relief with a dip into the water of the spring. This natural sulphur spring is pure and has curative powers of various kinds. Water temperature keeps fluctuating according to the water level of the river.

Best Time to visit Tattapani

January and February are most auspicious months for the dip. Holy baths are also taken on auspicious for the dip. Numerous people come in the month of April for the dip. The hot spring water vanishes in the month of June and July because the water level rises and it reappears by the months of November and December.

How to reach

Air: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti 75 km.

Rail: Shimla is nearest railway station of the narrow gauge rail track from Shimla to Kalka.

Road: Taxis and buses are available from Shimla.

Tourist Attraction

Shiva Cave Tattapani

Shiva Cave is 3.5 kms from Tattapani. Shiva cave has its religious value so that the festival of shivraatri is celebrated here with great enthusiasm every year. This is full of stalagtites and stalagmites. There are two ways to reach this beautiful place i.e. 10 mins by vehicle or around 450 well maid stair steps. This is a perfect place for fishing, swimming and picnic.

Ancient Hanuman Temple (Suni 5 km)

One of the famous temple located in Mandi.This temple is knownas Jai Shree Dev Badeyogi Ji Maharaj.This is the best place to see local farmers working with traditional ways.

British made Hydro Power Project (Chabba 9 km)

Chindi (35 km):

Chindi is located in the Karsog valley . It is famous for apple orchards and a scenic view of Himalaya mountains.

Mahunag (35 km):

An ancient Temple of Maharaja Karana. This temple is dedicated Mahun Nag, popularly known as ‘the great snake’.

Karsog Valley (49 km)

Karsog is famous for its temples and it’s full of scenic beauty and abundance of apple orchards.

Adventure Activities

Tattapani River Rafting

Tourists can enjoy river rafting near Tattapani. You can enjoy river rafting in one of the longest river of India i.e. Sutlej River which starts from Tibet and flows into Arabian Sea. Best time for river rafting is May and June.
White water rafting can be done from Chabba (12 Kms) or Sunni ( about 5 Kms before Tattapani) to Tattapani.

Another 36 km river rafting stretch between Pandowa to Tattapani . It takes about three and half hours to cover the distance. A minimum of four persons are required for a rafting trip.

This activity is done on sunny days during the daytime only. Hotel Hot Spring Therme and Spa has the required equipment and license from the Himachal Touring department for performing this activity. They provide all the equipment, dress and shoes along with well trained and professional staff.

Adventure Park

A new adventure park is inaugurated in Tattapani which is located at a calm place and you can enjoy the fabulous view of river Sutlej. Adventure park has many activities like flying fox, commando net, rope bridge, burma bridge, etc. where you can test your strength and courage. This spot is perfect for family picnic.


The most memorable experience on river is swimming with flippers. The best swimming experience is the body surfing in contact with Satluj River and the awesome environment. This stunning experience in only possible by wearing wet suits and flippers .

Mountain Biking

You can enjoy and experience mountain bikikng in Tattaapni. You will love the sounds of birds, the village life, the scenic beauty of mountains and the sound of river. It is very peaceful and non polluted area.

Trekking And Camping

The most famous adventure sports in Himachal are Trekking. With few roads, lots of hills and mountains where you can experience the infinitive ways to enjoy the nature. Popular Treks around Tattapani are:

Shikari Devi Peak : Here you can admire the mountain beauty of Himalaya. The ancient Shikari Devi Temple is situated on the top of this peak.

Dev Bedeog Peak : On the peak there is an ancient temple.

Shali Peak : The ancient temple Jai Maa Shali Bhima Kali dedicated to Bhagwati Mata is located on top of the hill.

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