Peach Valley – Rajgarh Valley

Rajgarh Valley (Himachal Pradesh) is widely known as the Peach valley. It is found in the heart of Sirmaur district in a very lush green valley. It’s the largest subdivision of Sirmaur . Rajgarh has only two subdivisions, the first is Rajgarh itself and the other is Sarahan, another wonderful valley of Sirmaur.

Until now skipping from the tourist maps. Rajgarh has much more to offer you than what meets the eye on a macro view. Lush Green Valleys, Thick Forest, healthy bird life, fresh and spotless Mountain air and to top it all the ever imposing serenity of the place will take you unexpectedly. Rajgarh is much more being a place where the the previous day had met today in perfect harmony. life style, scarcity and spread of population allow for a quiet and peaceful moments to yourself

Peach Valley (Rajgarh) – Best time to visit

Pleasurable climate all year round. March – November is perfect period to visit the location. Dec-Feb are actually winter months when it can snow in and all over the region.

Rajgarh (Peach) Valley (Himachal Pradesh) – How to reach

Rajgarh (Peach valley) is actually a place of fantastic natural charm and is about 40 km from Solan and about 100Km. from Chandigarh. From that point u can easily hire cab or take local buses.

Peach Valley (Rajgarh) – Sightseeing

Rajgarh Valley Baru Sahib Gurdwara

The popular Baru Sahib Gurdwara also located in this valley and is worth a trip. It is 29 km from Rajgarh (Peach valley) and it is situated beyond Kheri, a picturesque spot on the banks of a tributary of the Giri River.

Rajgarh (Peach Valley) – Habban Valley

It’s an charming destination and the area provides thick pine fir, kail, baan and deodar forests along with orchards of apples and peaches. The local climate is pleasant round the year and in winter, Habban occasionally has snow. Habban is approximately 70 km from Solan via Yashwant Nagar and Rajgarh.


Haripurdhar is about two hour journey from Rajgarh (Peach valley) and is famous for the temple of Bhangyani Devi, a god sister of Lord Shirgul, the principal deity whose seat is at Churdhar. For staying PWD rest house (3 sets) and newly constructed trekkers hut is available, besides the Sarai in the temple.

Peach Valley (Rajgarh Valley) Nohradhar

On way to Haripurdhar from Rajgarh, Nohradhar is one hour journey and is a base for trekking to Churdhar.

Peach Valley (Himachal Pradesh) Activities

Hiking – The area presents endless avenues for the hiking enthusiasts. From a two-hour hike in the surrounding area to a full day Hike to the imposing Churdhar peak (at 12000-ft, it is the Highest peak in the Outer Himalayas).

Rock Climbing & Rappelling – Learn the basics of rock climbing on the flat rock face

River Crossing – River crossing.can be fun with groups.

Splash Swimming – The presence of two perennial stream around are good opportunities for day picnics around small pools up in the valley.

Fishing and Angling – A small trip to Giri Pul on the Giri River, a spot for fishing can be rewarding.

Bird Watching – From the Himalayan Magpies to Mainas or even the woodpeckers, the area is full of resident and migratory birds all through the winter and Summer.

Visit to the Waterfall – Hidden in to the valley is a beautiful waterfall.

The Sunrise (Set) Trek in Rajgarh (Peach Valley) – Early morning one can set out to the nearest mountain top area to watch the sunrise .

Peach Valley – Rajgarh Valley