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Address : Summer Hill, Shimla-171005(Himachal Pradesh

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FAX: +91-177-2830775 (Vice-Chancellor’s Office),

+91-177-2030922 (Dean of Studies’ Office),

+91-177-2830912 (Registrar’s Office)

E Mail ID :

vc_hpu@hotmail.com, vchpu@jla.vsnl.net.in (Vice Chancellor’s Office)

deanstudies@gmail.com (Dean of Studies’s Office)

Web Site : http://www.hpuniv.nic.in/

Himachal Pradesh University was established on July 22, 1970. Himachal Pradesh University is the only multi-faculty and also affiliating University within the State.

The University offers both conventional as well as professional colleges associated to it. Included in this are sixty four Government UG and PG Colleges & five Govt. Sanskrit Colleges, fifty four Government aided/private colleges running UG /PG Courses, two Research Institutes, 74 Colleges of Education, six Law Colleges, two Medical Colleges, one Ayurveda College, five Dental Colleges , one Homeopathic College, twenty seven Engineering & Management Colleges, thirteen Pharmacy College, six law Colleges, University College of Business Studies, Univ. School of Legal Studies, Himachal Pradesh University Center for Evening Studies and Regional Centre. The H.P. University Evening College was established in July 1962. Admission to the college is restrained to employed men following the principle of earning while learning the women are exempted from this condition.

The Himachal Pradesh University set up a Directorate of Correspondence Courses just after its establishment in 1970. It had been the initial University in India to impart instruction at under graduate and also post graduate level in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Teacher Training with the method of distance education. The Directorate of Correspondence Courses has been re-named as the International Centre for Distance Education and Open Learning (ICDEOL). It’s situated inside the campus of the University.

The Regional Centre of the University was set up in July 1992 at Dharamsala in Kangra district. The Centre includes a School of Legal Studies and offers Post Graduate Courses in disciplines of Science, Arts and Humanities. The admission to the majority of the courses (both PG and Diploma/certificate level) within the University is managed on the basis of merit in Entrance Test.

Major Thrust-Research Areas

• Integrated Himalayan Studies

• Application of Biotechnology in Forestry, Agriculture and Horticulture

• Mycorrhizal Technology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Ethno Botany,

• Biodiversity, Wood Science, Honeybees, Cytogenetics, Plant and Animal Physiology, etc.

• Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry.

• Computer Applications in Software Development.

• Computational Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics,

• Solar Neutrino Physics.

• Hydro-dynamic and Hydro-magnetic Stability, Plasma Physics, Fuzzy

• Algebra, Motion of Non-newtonian Fluids.

• Sustainable Development, Poverty, Tribal Studies, Human Resource


• Human Geography, Remote Sensing, Population Studies, Environment.

• Trade and Commerce, Tourism, Export Marketing, Banking, Rural

• Development, Agricultural and Horticultural Studies.

• Cultural Studies, Folk Literature, Handicrafts.

• Clinical Psychology, Post-colonial and Subaltern Perspectives on

• History, Art, Culture and Media.

• Women Studies, Canadian Studies, Teacher Education, Adult Education and Extension.



Himachal Pradesh University

Himachal Pradesh University


Himachal Pradesh University