Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Himachal could be referred to as a mini India. All of the fairs and festivals celebrated in Himachal Pradesh are because of cultural values, economic needs and time, that have been realised by the inhabitants every once in awhile and later given the form of tradition. On your day of festival, people in Himachal Pradesh broadly speaking keep themselves free of routine work. They cook special food, must bath, wear neat and clean clothes and worship at the temple with conventional identity. Songs and dance are typical features on such occasion. For them, a small event is big enough to be celebrated. A few of the essential festivals of Himachal Pradesh receive 1 by 1.

List of Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

There are 20 state level festivals or fairs in Himachal Pradesh recognised by the the federal government at the moment. Fairs serve the requirements of social integration not just for economic sustenance but in addition for cultural survival. Usually the fairs are held at this type of time once the individuals are free of their household engagements. Fairs provide them with a chance to purchase and sell needed articles. Traders from far and near join these festivals to show articles like clothes, wool, pashmina, furs, leather, hides and skins, pottery, metal ware, jewellery, ornaments, fruits, veggies and several other local products and services. There’s extremely little village where no fair is held. There’s nearly continuous succession of fairs.

February Fairs In Himachal Pardesh


Phagli is yet another essential festival of the Lahaul valley. Phagli name based on the month of Phagun (February) the final month of cold weather and start of the spring season.

Phagli Fair (Kulu)

The fair is is held in the month of Phagun (February – March) and therefore the name Phagli. The fair is held to exhibit the struggle of supremacy between your god and demon, by which eventually the god emerges victorious. This fair can also be held to commemorate the big event of killing the demon by God. Phagli is held at Malana, Jana, Halan, Soil and in most temples of Jamlu.

Baba Barbhag Singh Mela

Baba Barbhag Singh Mela is held in Una in the month of February to honour the sage who had been renowned for his magical powers. Basant Panchmi marks the arrival of spring in the low areas, and every town appears to keep a reserve of colour for the occasion and the skies are full of a medley of kites.

March Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Nalwari Cattle Fair In Himachal Pardesh

Nalwari Cattle Fair is held in March and April at Bilaspur. Cattle along with other livestock are brought from Nalagarh and the neighboring state of Punjab for trade. Nalwari Cattle Fair is really a major event in Bilaspur District and wrestling competitions along with other cultural activities compliment the big event.

Ashiwin Navratra Fair

Throughout the Chaitra Navratra in March/April and Ashiwin Navratra’s in September/October, many Pilgrims go to the temples of Shaktipeeths-Sri Naina Devi, Chintpurni Devi, Jwala Devi, Bajreshwari Devi, Chamunda Devi to find the blessings of the Goddess Durga.

Ghatasani Fair

This fair is held on in March/April for 2 days in village Dawra. The legend associated with the fair is that once mother Parvati asked Lord Shiva to forget Rama saying that even Rama could change. To prove this she visited Rama in the guise of Sita to deceive him.

When Lord Rama saw her that he could look out of the overall game and addressed Parvati as mother and enquired why she’s left his guru i. e. Lord Shiva. The fair starts with worship of Vishnu Bhagwan and the village Devi. Natti dances, folk songs along with other cultural programs would be the main attractions of the fair.

Chintpurni Fair

It’s locally referred to as Mata-Da-Mela (fair of mother goddess). It’s held in the village Chintpurni near Bharwain in Una District. Based on one legend a particular Mai Das had the very first darshan of mom goddess who seemed to him as a woman and asked him to do the Pooja (worship) of the Pindi (idol) of mom. Henceforth generation after generation, mom has promised to defend against the worldly worries and anxieties of these worshipping her.

The fair is held thrice annually in the months of March-April, July-August and September-October. The fair lasts for 9 days throughout the Navratras and for 10 days in July-august. The fair is celebrated night and day.. On the 8th day throughout Navratras the offering of Karah (sweet halwa prasad) and Chhattar are created by the devotees.

Jwalamukhi Fair

The Jwalamukhi fair is held twice annually (March-April and September-October). throughout Navratras for worship of Durga goddess. It’s the most significant fair in the Kangra valley. People include red silken flags (dhwaja) to greet mom Goddess. The fair is related to the worship of this Eternal Flame which will be appearing out of earth spontaneously and perpetually.

Fairs in April In Himachal Pardesh

Birshu Fair

In the month of April or First and 2nd Week of May the Birshu fair is held in most village of Kullu valley. 1 day prior to the first day of the month delicacies are cooked in the houses and delivered to all of the family members. The temples are decorated on the very first day. In this fair, Home Gods are worshipped.

Mahu Nag Fair

The Mahu Nag Fair is kept in the Mandi District during the calendar month of April. This unique annual fair draws a large number of supporters visiting the Mahu Nag Temple on Sanskranti Day.

Sainj Fair

This fair is organised in Raila on Twenty first of Baisakh (April-May) for just one day. The importance and legend of the fair is definitely spiritual as well as recreational. Idol of Devta Laxminarayana is carried from Raila to Sainj. After that the fair begins with folk dances and songs.

Bala Sundari Fair

Bala Sundari Fair is celebrated at Trilokpur,twice a year i.e. during the Navratras in April and October.the Trilokpur Temple is located near Nahan in Sirmaur District. This temple is devoted to goddess Bala Sundari.  A large number of devotees visit the temple during the festival to pay their homage to the goddess.

Thalog Fair

This fair is held in the honour of Devta Rahatna whose temples are located at Thalog and Jabna. It is held at the end of April in Prgana Jakholi of Chopal. It is 13 km. away from Chamba. The game archery, numerous sweet shops and Jhula are the main attractions like other fairs.

May Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Dhoongri Fair

This fair is held in May-June for the three days at Dhoongri (Manali) in the memory of Devi Hadimba who meditated at Dhoogri and was married to Bhima among the five Pandavas. The fair starts with the worship of Goddess.

Sipi Fair

In-may Sipi Fair begins in Mashobra, a village of tdistrict of Shimla. Sipi Fair is really a celebration to pay for respect to God Sip. Many competitive games will also be organized.

Birshu fair

In the month of April or First and 2nd Week of May. Birshu fair is held in most village of Kullu valley. The brightest element of this festival may be the jovial hearts of individuals who appear to be drenched with excitement. In this fair, Home Gods are worshiped.

June Fairs and Festivals

Shahtalai Fair (Baba Balak Nath)

It will begin within the month of June. Worship of Baba Balak Nath Ji go on for a month. Fair tend to be held during the entire month.

Sissu Fair

Sissu is a typical fair celebrated throughout the Buddhist Himalayas. Their key point of interest is usually a masked dance however due to a part of monastic traditions, it’s always taking place within the monastery on the attached courtyard. Typically the fair is celebrated on different days at various locations. At Sissur Gompa it is kept in June, at Gemur Gompa in July and at Mani Gompa of Gondhla in August.

Solan Fair

Solan fair is held in the last week of June for 3 days. This fair is celebrated in honour of the goddess ‘Shulini’ whose temple is located in the nearby village named Solan Gaon. The spotlight of this fair are dancing, singing and wrestling.

July Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Minjar Fair

Minjar is considered the most famous fair of Chamba which is usually attended by a countless number of folks coming from every place and corner of the district. It is held on the between last week of July to first week of August. Himachal Pradesh Government has been declared as one of the state fairs of Himachal Pradesh. The town of Chamba wears a colourful look with every person turning out in best attire. The week long fair begins when the Minjar flag is hoisted in Chowgan. Most part of the Chowgan is converted into markets. Sports and cultural programmes are organised

Previously the Raja and today the chief guest throws a coconut, a rupee, a seasonal fruit and a Minjar tied in a red piece of cloth – Lohan – as offering to the river. This is certainly followed by each of the people throwing their Minjars into the river. Traditional Kumjari-Malhar is sung by the local artists.

Gemur Fair

It is 18 kms. from Keylong in Bhaga valley where devil dance is held during July in the Local Gompa. The place is situated on Manali-Leh highway.

Ladarcha Fair

The Ladarcha Fair signifies – celebration to the folks of Spiti valley. Prior to the closure of the Tibetan traders, the fair was previously placed at Kibbar maidan in Spiti during the month of July. This was previously the meeting point for traders from Ladakh, Rampur Busher and Spiti. It used to provide a good negotiate ground for them of their production.Due to the closure of Tibetan traders, this fair is now being celebrated at Kaza, the headquarters of Spiti Sub Division during the 3rd week of August. Numerous people as well as merchants coming from Kullu/ Lahaul/ Kinnaur meet there. It has now developed into a conference of cultures of Kinnaur, Spiti & Ladakh also of the Indian plains.

August Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Tribal Fair, Keylong

Tribal fair coinciding along with Independence day is celebrated with wonderful pomp along with show starting from Fourteenth till Sixteenth Aug ., at Keylong . People coming from all areas of the valley along with a great numbers of Indian along with foreign travelers assemble here to experience the fair. It’s being celebrated as at State level fair. To make this fair colourful , artists and also cultural troupes are usually invited from Chamba, Chandigarh, Dharamshala,Kullu, Leh ,Spiti along with neighborhood artistes.

Pauri Fair

The Pauri festival is celebrated in the 3rd week of August every year at Udaipur in the Lahaul valley at the temple of Trilokinath. The statue of the lord is bathed in the morning with milk and yogurt and then later on devotees go round the temple beating drums and blowing conch shells. A butter lamp is lighted up and it burns all day and night. A huge procession is then carried out with the horse and it is believed that God rides on the back of this horse showering His blessings upon the devotees.

Bharmaur Jatra Fair

Bharmaur Jatra is a famous fair in Chamba. It lies within the month of Aug .. This fair will start on the day following Janmashtami and it continues for 6 days. Every single day of this fair is devoted to different deities such as Lakshna Devi, Hari Har (Lord Shiva), Nar Singh, Keling, Ganesh and Seetla Devi. The puja is conducted in each and every temples. Soon after this, traditional folk dances are executed by both males and females, which continues till late night.

Manimahesh Fair

Manimahesh,sacred lake (4183m) is associated with Lord Shiva is one of the most pious pilgrim destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Manimahesh Kailash is a virgin peak. . A fair is held from mid of August to mid of September every year. After the festival of Janamashtmli, Manimahesh Yatra starts from Laxmi-Narayana Temple in Chamba. Immediately. The CHHARI is taken to the sacred lake of Manimahesh, whichis one of the tirthas in the district. Himachal Pradesh has given this fair the title of ‘State Level Fair’. It is one of those rare festivities that are organized by the tribal groups. Nomadic Gaddis hold this fair for six day and a lot of tourists also make their participation felt in this fair.

Guga Naumi Fair

Gugga fair which is connected with the worship of Gugga, the Nag Devta. In August-September, several places in Chamba, Bilaspur and Sirmour have the Gugga fair.
A tradition is connected with this festival. On this day large feasts (Bhandara) are organized at all the temples of Googa (Googmadhi) in which the food grains collected by the Guru (head priest) are used. The farmers also come with offerings of food and pray for their well being. Pictures of snakes are drawn on the walls with turmeric and people feed snakes with milk and butter.

Naina Devi Fair (Shrawan Fair)

This fair is held at holy shrine of Naina Devi in the month of August at Naina Devi Temple, in district Blaspur.

Tara Devi Fair

Durga Devi’s temple of Taradevi is located on the ridge of mountain about 8 km. away from Shimla town. The fair is held here on Ashtami in Navratras (September – October). This is called Durga Ashtami.

Festivals or Fairs in September: Himachal Pardesh

Phulaich Fair

The Phulaich fair is celebrated in Kinnaur district in the month of September every year. A famous flower was brought by the local people from the top of the peak for the Devta Pooja and they perform the dance in a series of sequences.

Nagini Fair

It is held at Nurpur in the Kangra district in the month of September.

Buffalo Fair

In district Shimla at village Kufri near Mashobra in the month of September.

October Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Renuka Fair

This fair is celebrated in the month of October/November for six days in district Sirmaur at the sacred Renuka Lake, near the temple of Parshu Ram and Renuka Devi. It starts ten days after the Diwali festival. The legend goes that Parshuram killed his mother Renuka under the orders of his Rishi father Jamdagni. Folk dances, magic show, wrestling bouts and bhajan-kirtan are other attractions of the week long fair. It is a state fair.

November Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Lavi Fair

Lavi Fair is held between 11th to 14th November at Rampur. This is an International festival of trade. The woollen goods, dry fruits and medicinal herbs brought by shepherds of Kinnaur are purchased by the people and the traders of the plains and food grains, clothes and utensils are sold. It is a very old fair and entirely related to the sale and purchase of goods. ‘Natti’ dances and cultural shows are the main attractions.

December Fairs In Himachal Pardesh

Ganter Fair

This fair held on 3rd (Dec.-Jan) for one day. The fair is mainly religious and it is said that Rana and Thakurs then rulers of Kullu valley were at logger head and used to be constantly at war with one another. To commemorate the battle a ram used to be sacrificed. The practice of ram sacrifice is still in vogue.

Balasundari Fair

In Sirmour, the Balasundari fair is held at Trilokpur near Nahan, it coincides with the sacred days of the Navratras.

Bhadoli Fair

This fair is held once in three years in Kulu Valley. Dates of the fair are decided by the Brahmins. The fair is held for four days. The fair is commemorated in the memory of Lord Parshu Ram who is stated to have meditated here.
On the first day of the fair reception of Devis and Devtas takes place. On the second day Devis and Devtas are appeased through songs and dances. On the third day they are carried in a procession around the village. On the fourth day, the fair comes to an end after serving community feast.

In this article, we have tried to provide all the details related to Fairs In Himachal Pardesh.

Fairs In Himachal Pardesh