Beach Vacation Tips

Sandy caribbean beach

Hanging out at the beach is one of my favorite pastimes during summers.

Tip 1: Most beach destinations are quite different from each other. Do some research about the destination like information about prices, restaurants, lodging, facilities, nightlife, currency, hospitals, etc.

Tip 2: Try to book an efficiency room, this allows you to prepare meals in your room. Save Money by eating at least one meal in your room.

Tip 3: By aware of scary things at the beach. Don’t touch what you don’t know. Ask the beach patrol or a lifeguard what it is safe to touch.


Tip 4: Try to find a local guide to have an idea of favorite restaurants. Many local places can provide great service and usually half price of the tourist area.

Tip 5: Know the dangers of the seashore. Use common sense for a safe trip and be aware of your surroundings.

Tip 6: Don’t forget a cap and a shirt to put on, for when the sun is out in force.

Tip 7: In summer it is easier to become dehydrated, especially on the beach, so keep a bottle of water with you.

Tip 8: Everyone wear sandals or flip-flops.

Tip 9: If you get caught in a rip; wave your arms to attract attention from others around you and the lifeguards.

Beach Vacation Tips