Auli is situated within the lap of snow-capped peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, close to the famous spiritual shrine of Badrinath. At an altitude of 2,500 to 3,050 m above sea level, Auli’s well-dressed inclines are flanked by coniferous and oak forests, which provide a spectacular vision of mountains.

Auli is a vital ski location around the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, India. Auli is also referred to as a ‘bugyal’ in the localised tongue so this means meadow. A few specialists believe Auli to be among the best ski resorts across the world. Auli is much less recognized ski destination as compared to Shimla, Gulmarg or Manali. It turned out only in the recent period, after the expansion of new state Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal) carved out from Uttar Pradesh, Auli has been promoted as a tourist destination. The state is known as “Dev Bhoomi” which signifies “Land of Gods” because there are significant pilgrimage destination in this state mainly the ‘Char Dham’

Experience the dash of air on your face, blaze a rebellious trek as you go skiing around the well-dressed snow slants. Or pelt each other with snow-balls on a blanket of snow. Of course, if you’re an admirer of natural uniqueness permit your vision feast around the exceptional view of snow-capped peaks all around you.

Best Time To Visit Auli

Auli has a cool climate all through the seasons.

Summers In Auli

March to June are very pleasant with moderate climate, with average around 15°C. Summers is ideal for all sight seeing, skiing and also for visiting nearby attractions.

Monsoons In Auli

July to October are accompanied with scanty rains and also temperature drops down to 12°C.

WintersIn Auli

November to February are chilly days with average minimum touching near 4°C. Minimum can touch sub zero levels (-8°C). Snow falling seen very often during winters. These months are perfect for travelers liking chilly climates. Tourist are advised to bring woollen clothing, cap, socks, dark glasses, gloves, mufflers, pullovers, wind-proof jacket, gum/snow boots and a torch. These accessories are a must for the tourist keeping in mind the weather conditions of Auli.

Tourist attraction in Auli is Snow Skiing and is best during November to March. May to November offers cool and pleasant climate and the right period to spend relaxing moments in the outdoors. December to February is snow bound and chilly. Keep winter clothes to cover up the body if opt for a visit during this period. This period is ideal for snow skiing. March and April are very pleasant and perfect for all sight seeing and outings.

How to reach

 By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is about 179 km from Auli. Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is a domestic airport located at about 20 km away from city center of Dehradun. Taxi cabs are available from Dehradun airport to Auli, which cost about Rs 4,000. The airport operates daily flights to Delhi. Nearest International airport is Delhi, which is about 500 km away.

Airports Near Auli

Airports near Auli Type Arial Distance
Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (DED) Domestic 170 km
Shimla Airport (SLV) Domestic 285 km
Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi (DEL) International 336 km
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Intl Airport, Kolkata (CCU) International 1322 km

By Rail

Coming from any part of India, the nearest rail head is Haridwar 299 km from Auli.

By Road

Auli is only 13 km drive from Joshimath. State transport and Union buses play regularly between Joshimath and Rishikesh (253 km).

Cable Car

The most popular way to drop in at Auli is by the famed cable car service which runs for 3 km. Travelling by the rope-way, it is impossible to resist the captive beauty of the snow covered peaks, the alpine forest and the bracing climate.

Tourist Attraction

Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal in the regional language of Uttarakhand it means “high altitude meadow”. The place is really amazing with enchanting picturesque vistas. The place is gifted with exotic natural beauty that leaves visitors spell bound. Dayara Bugyal is now popular for trekking and skiing. Now this beautiful landscape is slowly grabbing the attention of foreign tourists.

Situated at an elevation of about 3048 m, this vast meadow is second to none in natural beauty. During winter it provides excellent ski slopes over an area of 28 sq km. The panoramic view of the Himalayas from here is breathtaking. Presently accommodation is available at Bhatwari and some villager’s huts may also be used by professional skiers.

Trekking Routes for Dayara Bugyal Trek :

Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Barsu – Barnala Bugyal – Dayara Bugyal – Uttarkashi – Haridwar – Delhi


Mundali is situated in district Dehradun, 129 km from Dehradun via Chakrata. Mandali offers an unforgettable view of the snow capped Himalayas. The place is surrounded by emerald green forest, aroma air with a backdrop of snow covered Himalayas.The place has vast ski slopes on which professionals can enjoy skiing.


The revered sage Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have wandered and gained enlightenment in Joshimath. There are two famous temples, Narsingh and Garuda temple, to visit in Joshimath. Another attraction is the Amar Kalp tree which is believed to be some 2,500 years old. One can also check out the hot springs of Tapovan located at a distance of 14 kms from Joshimath and 32 kms from Auli.

Trishul Peak

Located at an altitude of 23,490 ft above sea level, Trishul Peak in Auli is the place where most of the Skiing activity takes place. Located in the Kumaon region, the place is known for offering skiing slopes for beginners and is also popular for having the famous Nanda Devi National Park. The place also has a mystical lake, Roopkund, located on the foot of the peak. The lake is also known as Mystery Lake, because of the 600 skeletal remains of humans and horses that were discovered here. The place is ideal for trekking as well.


Auli is starting to get popular among the ski-lovers. Though the long,tiring travel and unpredictable weather can be the mood killer. You cannot be sure till you reach what to expect. Few lucky can gets to enjoy snow fall and skiing. If luck is not on your side snow storm can lock your room for days. For some its hard solid snow which take away the skiing pleasure. Though the GMVNL has imported snow beater it cannot give the experience of fresh snow. There is a long Ski-Lift connecting lower slopes to the Top.

Artificial lake

The world’s highest man-made lake is at Auli, right next to the private hotel, Clifftop Club. The government has developed this in view of creating artificial snow on the new ski slopes in the event of low snow fall. The water from this lake will be used to feed the snow guns stationed along the ski slopes and thus provide a good skiing surface and exend the ski season.


Prettily placed in the convergence of the majestic rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda, Rudraprayag is the holy abode of Lord Shiva. Its proximity to the sacred shrines like Badarinath and Kedarnath makes it a busy pilgrim centre in Uttarakhand. The popular belief is that it was here that lord Shiva in his Rudra incarnation had appeared before Narada. Another folklore is that this is the same place where Sati took her rebirth after her tragic death.

This serene place holds Rudranath and Chamunda Devi temples, which are worthy for a visit. The glittering waters of the pretty rivers, and the dazzling snowy mountain peaks, engross a breath taking ambiance that allures not only the devotees but also the casual visitors.


Apart from skiing there are some trek options available and below list is some of the trail normally completed in single day Auli – Gorson around 7 km Gorson – Tali around 6 km Tali – Kuari Pass around 11 km Kuari Pass – Khulara around 12 km Khulara – Tapovan around 9 km

Training Courses in Skiing

Training courses are conducted in modules of 7 and 14 days. Training is imparted to the enrolled persons in modern skiing techniques by qualified instructors from skiing and Tourist Resorts, Auli and Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering , Gulmorg.

The 7 days course in non-certificatecourse with a total of 25 seats. The 14 days module is a certificate course, each of having 15 days. These courses are conducted between January – March.

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