Air Travel Tips

Air travel tips1. Plan in advance: If you are thinking to visit out of your country, plan at least three month prior to your visit. Do some research about the country and destination where you are planning to visit. Before you zip up the suitcase and head to the airport, do one last check of the local weather in your destination.

2. Tickets: If you have finalized your tour, book air tickets in advance because most airlines offer discount for tickets booked in advance. Now get your passport, visa and other travel documents ready. No matter how you bought your tickets – online, on the phone or at a travel agency – be sure to check the airline requirements when you book your flights.

3. Prepare Before Travel Day: Packing smart and packing early ensures you’ll have everything you need during your trip.

4. Money: Consider spreading your funds across credit cards, travelers’ checks, and cash. Always keep some cash while leaving your city – domestic or foreign currency. Taking cash with you will ensure you don’t pay ATM surcharge fees in another destination. If you’re traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to carry some of the local country’s currency with you.

5. Travelling by Air with Gifts: If you are flying for a special occasion and plan to carry presents in your hand luggage, don’t forget to check hand luggage restrictions first.

6. Insurance: You should ensure a suitable insurance policy for you and your family. Some travel insurance plans include overseas medical coverage; some just cover personal property and transportation expenses. You should check with your current medical insurance provider to see what’s covered out of state.

7. Advance Seat Assignment: When buying airline tickets online, call the airline to get seat assignment immediately if no seat assignment is given. If you arrive at the ticket counter without seat assignment on an overbooked flight, you probably will get bumped off the flight and forced to take a later flight – which can be several hours or even a full day later.


Air Travel Tips